That was a fail


I thought giving myself a timeline and posting it on the site, would push me to get some pieces done. I was able to work on 2 drawings this past month, but I was not sure if I wanted to show them. Keep in mind I only started these sketches and then my kids needed something or I ran out of “me” time. I feel that I should still put at least 1 up here, if only as a starting point I can improve on.

Both of these sketches were done on my tablet. A new medium for me, so some of the time spent was just trying to figure out how to use the tools. I would like to go back to pencil and paper until I am back into a routine. Hoping for a more productive month ahead.


Finding Time to Create


Being the owner of Just Claying Around and a mother of 2 young girls finding time to create for myself is very challenging. Just going to the bathroom by myself with a 3 year old is a miracle, never mind turning that time and energy into doing something creative. Sure, when I am at the studio I am doing creative work. Helping customers with their pieces, creating samples for classes and painting commissions, but I don’t really find time to explore my own ideas and put them into pieces for myself. I spend most of my time doing administrative tasks like payroll, purchasing and managing employees.

The most I’ve allowed myself to do is start looking for inspiration. Admiring artists blogs, Instagram and Facebook posts thinking Oh how I wish I could spend the time….what if…What if I could cut back my time at the studio, what if I could quit my part-time job…maybe some day.

I need to commit to myself that waiting for this someday to happen, won’t. I need to make the changes to make it happen. So here we go. I am starting with this blog as a way of accountability and each week I will commit to 1 idea or sketch or anything each week. I will post what I have been working on here. Encouragement is much appreciated. I’m going to need it.