Pick a project from our 5 walk-in crafts, like Ceramics.

Price is Studio Fee plus cost of project

Studio Fee 12 years old and under $6.00

Studio Fee over 12 years old $8.00

Average cost per person, including studio fee, is $25-35

Step One

Choose from a huge assortment of ceramic pieces. New pieces constantly added!

Step Two

Paint your piece(s) using supplies and paints from our design center.

We have more colors than a box of crayons. All of our glazes, stamps, stencils and idea books are organized and easy to use.

Step Three

Now that your work is done our begins. We will over glaze and fire your pieces making them food safe.

Step Four

7-10 days later your pieces will be glazed, fired and ready for pick-up!

We can’t wait to show off your masterpiece.

All Fired Up!

Why ceramics? Once you are done painting your piece, we cook it at over 1,800 degrees in one of our kilns. The heat hardens your work of art into a fully functional, washable, food safe, durable and vibrant ceramic piece.