What is a wheel class?

Wheel classes are exactly like you may have seen in movies (yes yes, like Ghost) where you utilize a wheel to shape a block of clay into a ceramic piece. Wheel classes at Just Claying Around help connect you to a new art form and really get your hands in a project like they’ve maybe never been before. We can’t guarantee that Patrick Swayze will visit you and help guide you, but we’ll be there to help, and that’s just as good, right?

Why wheel throwing?

You may have enjoyed ceramics before or always wanted to go beyond pottery painting. Or, you’ve taken a class once upon a time and you want to sharpen your skills. Either way, a clay wheel class is a great way to learn something completely new and connect with a local community.

Clay Wheel classes help you:

  • Discover the artistry of sculpting with your hands
  • Develop your hand-building techniques, and help with motor skills
  • Connect with a new art form which promotes brain activity

We’re not just blowing smoke here. Using your hands to create art really feels like you’re using a different part of your brain, and allows you to focus on something outside of the anxieties of life. Folks who come to Just Claying Around for a wheel class report feeling just frankly better after class, and this could also be due to:

Relaxation and Stress Relief…Seriously!

  • Get lost in the meditative process of working with clay – it’s easy to forget about that stress list when you’re trying to get the piece just right
  • Unwind and disconnect from the daily hustle – can’t reach for your phone when your hands are covered in clay!
  • Engage with the community – wheel classes are a place where you’re all doing the same activity at the same time. It’s truly a connective part of our day and we love hosting in Bridgewater

What Wheel Classes and Experiences Do You Offer?

Clay Wheel Throwing

Have you ever wanted to try throwing on a wheel? This is the class for you! Designed as a fun one-time activity for people without any experience. Ages 15 & older. Includes clay and firing of 1 piece.

This class covers the basics of wheel throwing. Centering the clay and turning a bowl. If you have experience, the refresh will get you back in the studio.

Class includes:

Clay and kiln firing for 1 project. It does not included glazing the piece after it is fired.

Clay pieces will be ready 2-3 weeks later, longer depending on how wet pieces are.

If you would like to glaze your piece, make a reservation for a second visit during open studio hours for $8. Studio fee includes glazing and an additional kiln firing.

Introduction to Wheel Throwing (6 class sessions)

Ready for the larger initiative? See what classes are like above and join us for the 6 class session! Investing in 6 sessions helps you make friends in your class, really grow your skills and become a clay wheel expert, and you’ll get to try more and more complex pieces.

And, finally, MUD CLUB!

Have you already done the 6 sessions and you’re ready to wheel throw on your own schedule? Use our studio as your own with Mud Club, and come in when you like.

This is a membership format (just like a monthly yoga class, except you make something at the end) so you come in as often as you like.

Whether you’re brand new to wheel throwing and you’re ready to try it out or you’re an experienced member ready to take it to the next level, Just Claying Around is the spot for the clay wheel. We’re ready for you!

Our studio is located at 552 Bedford Street Bridgewater MA 02324, but you can also call us at 508-697-9777 or easily email at info@justclayingaround.com.

Wheel Classes are extremely fun and help to focus your art and your brain. You can be a beginner or an expert – both are totally fine – and we can’t wait to see you!

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