Join us tomorrow Thursday, February 29th

🐸 Hop into our studio tomorrow, Thursday, February 29th, for a ribbeting celebration of leap year! 🎉 We’re jumping for joy as we give away FREE mini ceramic frogs to the first 29 painters who join us. 🎨🐸

At our studio, we have a special place in our hearts for these adorable creatures and what better way to mark leap year than by sharing our love for frogs with you! 🐸 This exclusive offer is only available to in-studio painters on February 29th, so hop on over before these little frogs hop away! 🐸🎨

Don’t miss out on this leap year treat! These mini ceramic frogs are ready to be glazed and fired alongside your other pottery creations, making them a perfect addition to your visit. 🌟🐸🎨

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