Glass Fusing

Pick a project from our 5 walk-in crafts, like Glass Fusing.

Price is Studio Fee plus cost of project

Studio Fee 12 years old and under $6.00

Studio Fee over 12 years old $8.00

Average cost per person for Glass Fusing, including studio fee, is $46

Step One

Choose the size of your project.

Glass blanks come in circle or square:

4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″

We sometimes offer different sizes in our open glass class

Step Two

For walk-ins we have pre-fired glass pieces (not sharp) and frit to design your masterpiece.

We recommend ages 8 plus

Step Three

When the design on your glass piece is complete, choose how you would like it fired. There are 2 options tack fused or full fused. Lastly you can choose to have us add hooks to turn your piece into a sun-catcher or you can choose to have the glass slumped into a vase, votive, or dish.

Step Four

7-14 days later your pieces will fired and ready for pick-up!

We can’t wait to show off your masterpiece.

All Fired Up!

Glass fusing is the technique used to join glass pieces together by partly melting the glass at high temperature.  The layered glass is fired in our kilns onsite. We offer 2 different firings: tack fuse or full fuse. A second firing known as a slump* firing is required for bowls, plates or other 3 dimensional shapes.
*Slumping  is a technique in which items are made in a kiln by means of shaping glass over molds at high temperatures.  
Glass Fusing is available for walk-ins or you can take a class