When we first opened our doors in 2008, we anticipated meeting some creative kids, teaching cool art projects, and providing a refreshing (both literally and figuratively) space for young artists from the Bridgewater area to connect. Fast forward 17 years, and we are still amazed to witness lifelong friendships blossoming, familiar faces returning each summer, kids discovering their new favorite art mediums, and even expanding our team with campers turned employees.

Take Michael, for example. He walked into camp on a Monday morning, visibly nervous. Our warm-hearted Camp Instructor, Corinne, took him under his wing and helped ease his jitters. Little by little, Michael started opening up, especially after a fun glass fusing project—a camper favorite. He and his seatmate, Cooper, bonded over their pets, video games, and their favorite movies. By the end of the day, Michael was laughing and smiling, a complete transformation from the shy kid who first arrived. By the week’s end, Michael and Cooper were inseparable, their families exchanged phone numbers and a best friendship was born. The families have since coordinated camp weeks and carpooling. This year will be their 4th summer together at JCA. This kind of magic is what makes our camp truly special.

Bridgewater offers a variety of camps, from sports to gaming, but we take pride in being the artsy, creative haven for kids during the summer. Our oldest daughter never thrived in the competitive atmosphere of sports camps, and we know many children feel the same. Here, we focus on fostering creativity and individual growth through hands-on learning. Our camp runs all summer long, allowing your child to explore different types of camps the South Shore has to offer. At Just Claying Around, kids learn essential skills like forward planning, creative problem-solving, and trusting their ideas. They dive into activities like clay hand building, acrylic canvas painting, glass fusing, mosaics, and pottery painting—and yes, we even have a pizza party every Friday!

Co-owners Jaryn and Cynthia, along with our fantastic studio manager Corinne, have been teaching our Summer Art Camp over the years. We’ve had the honor of watching kids return year after year, blossoming alongside our creative adventures. One camper who holds a special place in our hearts is Emma, who first joined us at the tender age of 6 in our first ever summer of camp. Emma’s humor, kindness, and boundless enthusiasm lit up the studio every time she entered. Her presence was a highlight, and we missed her when she was gone, but not for too long as, we were thrilled to welcome her back as part of our team.

Emma continued to shine, bringing her delightful spirit and dedication to work all through college. She grew into an indispensable team member, balancing her artistic flair with her academic pursuits. Recently, Emma celebrated a major milestone, earning her graduate degree in Physical Therapy from Simmons University, and she’s now diving into her Doctorate. We couldn’t be prouder of her journey and achievements!

The joy of meeting and teaching your children, introducing them to new art mediums, and watching their ideas flourish is what keeps us passionate about what we do. The magic of forming friendships and seeing kids come into their own is an added benefit we never anticipated. With returning campers, satisfied parents, incredible projects, and campers growing up to join our team, we believe this magic is felt by all. Sessions run one week long, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 12 pm, for kids aged 6-13, and each camper receives their own t-shirt. The camp fee is $285. Remember to pack a snack and drink (no nuts), as we wrap up the week with a delightful pizza party! This summer’s camp is almost full, so book your child’s spot today and let them experience the magic of Just Claying Around Summer Art Camp!

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