Pick a project from our 5 walk-in crafts, like Mosaics.

Price is Studio Fee plus cost of project

Studio Fee 12 years old and under $6.00

Studio Fee over 12 years old $8.00

Average cost per person, including studio fee, is $34

Step One

Choose from a huge assortment of mosaic blanks. New pieces constantly added!

Mosaics make terrific focal points for any room. They also add artistic flare to spaces indoors or out. Mosaics are unique and fun to create.

Step Two

You can choose to paint the background or not to.

Arrange your tesserae on the surface. We have lots of colors and tesserae types to choose from.

Glue the tesserae to the surface.

Step Three

Now that your work is done you can take home the same day OR leave with us and we can grout your piece for an extra fee.

Mosaics are over 2,000 years old!

Mosaic is the art of decorating a surface with pictures and patterns made of little pieces of stone, glass or tiles of different colours. Mosaics can be used indoors on walls, floors and ceilings.

According to historians, the oldest mosaic ever found and recorded, dates back to around 1500 BCE. This was over 2,000 years ago!