Can’t Adult Today Mug


This 12 ounce Can’t Adult Today Mug makes a hilarious gift for that funny friend who, well, can’t quite adult! This bisque mug’s compact design with a round cupped bottom and a simple finger grip, is unassuming and easy to handle! The embossed text on the side is written in four unique silly fonts and simply reads, “I can’t ADULT Today!”

Whether constantly losing keys, forgetting sunglasses, or just an all-around clutz, we all have that friend with a fantastic self-deprecating sense of humor who just can’t seem to get this whole adulting thing down! This simple pottery coffee mug will make that person and everyone around them giggle when they see it!

Try the Can’t Adult Today Mug for a fun project! It’s a funny way to have a laugh at your own goofy tendencies, and it makes a hilarious gift for a forgetful and clumsy friend!

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Dimensions 3.375 × 3.75 in