Custom Clay Ornaments

Enter the number of prints you would like to make for each age group.
We can decide on design at your appointment.

Custom painting done by a JCA artist (+$10.00)



Clay Turkey Hand Prints by appointment ONLY. We will press your child’s hand into a clay slab leaving an impression. Then we will help you and your child make the pieces and assemble the turkey. The is a great project to make with your little one.
Child 1-3 Years Old $18.00 each print
Child 4-5 Years Old $22.00 each print
6 years old plus $28.00 each print
Please allow 10 days for 1st kiln firing
Next you have 2 choices:
1.) Paint the prints on your own. Standard studio fee applies.
2.) Let us do the work for you. Add custom painting $5 per print. Each ornament will be hand painted by our studio artists.
We suggest children 4 and under to hand the turkeys as the larger the print the heavier the piece.

It can take up to 3 weeks for our artists to fire, glaze and re-fire the prints.

  • If you would like to make more then 5 prints, please book an additional time slot.