Gnome Cutout Sign 18″


Gnome Cutout is the way to go for any Gnome Decor. Decorate an 18″ or 12″ Gnome Door Hanger for your front door décor. Our Gnome cutouts are a great craft piece ready to decorate. Your imagination has no limits. Use paint, markers, crayons, glue, glitter, mosaic, mod podge, paint, acrylic liquid paint, paper and  tape to decorate these versatile mixed media surfaces.

Add a hat and make your sign interchangeable for the season.

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Add Acrylic Paint Kit

Add these paint pods to any of our wood pieces and we will make a kit for you. All Colors are Matte Finish
5 color pods- Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White
2 brushes
Tip sheet

Have fun mixing colors!
Red + Blue = Purple      Blue + Yellow = Green    Yellow + Red = Orange
Add White to a color to get a tint example: Red + White = Pink
Add Black to made a shade example: Red + Black = Maroon
Each Paint Pod is 1/2 Ounce
A little goes a long way with these stains

Add a Name Stencil to your Project (+$5.00)

Add a Quote Stencil to your Project (+$8.00)

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Dimensions 11 × 18 in

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