Homegrown Kush Tray


Is it 4:20 on April the 20th yet? It’s always 4:20 somewhere, and to celebrate, get your hands on this Homegrown Kush Tray! This hilarious and fun tray is part of our Homegrown line of products, and it’s sure to be a favorite for the more “relaxed” artists.

So, what is Homegrown bisque? Homegrown bisque is handmade in house, so it’s made in the USA, and because it is handmade, each piece is different than the last, so you are guaranteed to have a product unlike anything else!

The design of this terrific tray will delight you! The face of the tray is embossed with a pattern of cannabis leaves, while the bottom is left plain. Surely, this little tray will be great for serving bite-sized munchies at parties!

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Dimensions 8 × 4 in