Octopus Mug


The Octopus Mug is a favorite design for aspiring marine biologists or the Jacques Cousteau in your life! The vessel for the cup is quite simple in design, but the charming cephalopod splays out all eight legs across the mug with one of his legs curling into the rounded mug handle.

Octopi are one of the most mysterious sea creatures in the world with three hearts, a bulbous head, eight legs, and the ability to squirt ink as a defense mechanism! Options for color palettes for the Octopus Mug are nearly limitless since octopi naturally are arrayed in a whole spectrum of colors!

The Octopus Mug is fun to touch, as it has profound texture with the huge eye of the octopus, suction cups, curling legs, and giant head! It’s a fun project for children and people of all ages! Let your creativity shine as you bring this mysterious denizen of the deep to life through vibrant colors and a creative ocean scene!

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Dimensions 5 × 4.25 in