Wood Signs

Pick a project from our 5 walk-in crafts, like Wood Signs.

Price is Studio Fee plus cost of project

Studio Fee 12 years old and under $6.00

Studio Fee over 12 years old $8.00

Average cost per person, including studio fee, is $38

Step One

Choose the size and shape of your sign from our large selection.

Step Two

Draw a design on your sign free hand or choose from one of our print-outs or examples.

For an added cost choose one of our pre-designed stencils, which we can customize for you.

Come in with ideas. We are here to help.

Step Three

Paint your piece using supplies and acrylic paints from our design center.

We have more colors than a box of crayons. All of our paints, stamps, stencils and idea books are organized and easy to use.

Step Four

Take your piece home same day.

We can’t wait to show off your masterpiece.

Custom Vinyl Stencils

Every Season we will have 4-6 popular options to choose from, ready to cut.

Our most popular sign stencils are also available and customizable. For instance we can add in your name and year established to make a sign for yourself or as a gift.